Started this over 18 years ago and had grown and developed into a true IoT application, which includes GPS handling.

The Scidaq (Scientific Data Acquisition) is an IoT application that runs on its own cloud or connects to backbones like AWS and Azure.

Attention has been paid to new technologies, use of Mobile devices - both with apps and web. The MMI adapts to all screen types. Mobile, Tablet, Large screen, portable, scoreboard, with user set intervals down to one second...

SciDaQ is the way to bring it all together in one place. See the demo. Interested? Please send us a request to view the demo and we will send you an demo application key and secret (time limited) so you can register and have a look.
Only those you give your key to can see your data.
Available as a shared platform (for small quantities of end points) or as a discrete installation just for you.
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